sailing practice notes May 24 - Viper in Marblehead

05/25/2015 - 17:21 -- Grace O

It was fantastic to get out on the Viper again yesterday. Perhaps it was more of an adventure than we bargained for, but here's to many more adventures with you two. These are my notes:

Date: 5/24, 1:00 pm - 4:00 pm
Wind: WNW 7 mph, gusting to 24 mph
Location: Marblehead
Boat: Viper
Traffic: R19s, Etchels, one other Viper (Barry)
Crew: Pauline (hiking, pole hoist, jib on downwinds), Kay (driving), Grace (jib on upwinds, spin sheets)

What we did:
Launched the Viper for the season!
Spinnaker: Pauline readied the pole while Kay and Grace pulled the spinnaker halyard together. Grace is going to work out more so she can do it herself.
Grace practiced bearing off in puffs and heading up when the boat flattened while the spinnaker was up. A big puff tipped us over and we hung out on our ear for a while with the spinnaker in the water. We rescued the boat by loosening the spin halyard a foot when we were horizontal and hoisting it again when the boat began to flatten, though this took several attempts.
Missed the first race because we didn't realize it was ours. The RC hoisted the Viper flag upside down. Kay said, "Hey, I wonder why Barry is starting with the Rhodes 19s..." and Grace was putting on sunscreen.
Rocky start in the second race (3 min start), couldn't catch Barry on the upwind or the downwind. Spinnaker hoist on the downwind took too long due to rustiness and unfamiliarity.
On the downwind: Pauline sat in the middle and controlled the jib, Grace controlled the spinnaker sheet, and Kay drove. Kay took the spinnaker sheet when Grace was looking upwind to call puffs.
Procedure for jibing with the spinnaker up: Grace passes the old sheet to Kay and gets the new sheet. All cross to the new side almost before the boom comes over. Grace pulls really fast on the new sheet and sits down on the rail in between the two lengths of old sheet (one of which Kay is holding). This way no one is sitting on the old sheet. Pauline switches the jib.
Procedure for dousing: Grace grabs the belly line in front of the block and pulls it back to Kay to remove all slack. Pauline releases the pole line at the same time as Kay and Grace douse the spinnaker by pulling the belly line. Grace climbs up on the bow to fix whatever went wrong every single time...
Third race (5 min start) had a good start at the boat, just above Barry. Position and timing were ideal but acceleration was meh. Possible that the jib was brought in too quickly. Kept pace with Barry for a good portion of the race but in some cases we were slower and we never were faster than him.
Wind was very heavy and puffy. It was necessary to hike for the entire upwind. Grace needs to work on smoothly transitioning the jib during the tack while still getting it in tight on time. We all need to avoid sitting on active lines.
Had one very nice jibe in the third race and one less-nice jibe.
Landed smoothly. Tomas ran the hoist for us. He was quite probably high.
That's it for my notes. Also, here is my list so far of TLC for the boat. Feel free to add!

New pole line
Whip end of mast tie-down and other lines that might need it
Bungee the hiking straps into better positions
Put grip tape across the cockpit
Figure out if the spinnaker or its halyard is catching on something during the hoist
Gel coat the bruise on the bow
A real repair on the rudder holder instead of packing tape??
Thoughts on adding some rubber nubs on top of the keel bolts?