That's a wrap! Genuine hosts second successful Drupal Global Sprint Weekend!

01/30/2015 - 16:00 -- Lilian Ma - Gen...

This is a repost from Genuine's Blog. To see photos from the event, please visit the original post.

Nearly 40 Drupal contributors came together on Saturday, Jan. 17 at Genuine’s Boston office to contribute to the Drupal Global Sprint Weekend 2015. This annual event underscores the strength of Boston’s open source community and brings together some of the region’s best technical talent to collaborate on Drupal - driving the innovation for one of the world’s largest open-source projects.

With the help of Acquia and OwnSourcing, Drupal Global Sprint 2015 – New England saw its highest turnout consisting of a diverse mix of novice and expert contributors.

During the full-day Sprint, participants were able to work independently or join a session lead by issue experts to continue improving and maintaining Drupal Core.

Genuine’s Associate Director of PHP, Mike Miles helped a group of 10 Drupal contributors focus on “Drupal tech debt,” consisting of 22 non-critical issues that Sprinters of all levels worked on to cleanup Drupal core.

“As a group, we were able to successfully progress 13 of the 22 issues,” said Miles. “Although these issues are non-critical, it is critical to Drupal core in the long run and I’m proud of the work our group accomplished in just one day!”

OwnSourcing helped a group of 12 newcomers understand the process of a Drupal Sprint from setting up their local environments to understanding the issue queue and how to create and submit a patch. There were also a variety of interests in contributing that included development, front-end theming and UX, testing, and documentation.

“The annual Drupal Global Sprint Weekend is a great opportunity for novice and returning Drupal contributors to better understand the Sprint process and learn from others,” said Leslie Glynn, a Drupal Contactor at OwnSourcing. “Our group even had guest appearances from the day’s more expert Drupal Contributors. Erik Peterson and Moshe Weitzman, both from Acquia, were generous enough to share their Drupal 8 knowledge that really helped our group understand Drupal core and Sprints.”

The Drupal Global Sprint 2015 – New England had two notable contributions from first time Sprinters: Ann-Patrice Hickey, who completed her first patch and Mark Felton, who accomplished his first patch review.

Overall, the Drupal Global Sprint Weekend 2015 was a great success with 50 cities worldwide hosting their own Drupal Sprints.

Thank you to all that attended the Drupal Global Sprint 2015 – New England event at Genuine and congratulations on all the great work achieved in support of Drupal!