How OwnSourcing helps build skills

Every business is now an internet business.
Every institution is an internet institution.
This means your own people need to operate the important parts of "the business."
We get it into their hands: we design customized training to put your people in charge and boost their efficiency.
OwnSourcing's private training offerings include:

  • Team skills assessment
  • Transitioning from another platform
  • Individual learning plan development
  • Junior team member training programs
  • Continuing professional development for senior team members
  • Tool and technique evaluation
  • Best practice discussions
  • Embedding training in a company project
  • Including tools such as Agile project management in the training

OwnSourcing also holds public trainings in Boston and other locations.

  • Trainings in the latest technologies - Drupal 8 Quickstart and backbone.js are examples.
  • Free trainings at Drupal camps and cons

The Drupal community recognizes us as experts. Our goal is to transfer that expertise to other organizations, teams and individuals.