Useful Tools for contributing at a Drupal sprint

01/06/2015 - 11:35 -- Leslie Glynn

So you have decided to attend the Drupal Global Sprint 2015 – New England and wonder what you can do ahead of time to get set up up for sprinting. The tools you will need depend on how you plan to contribute.

If you are plan to work on documentation, testing patches or writing issue summaries it would be helpful if you have the following:

  • an account on
  • an IRC client to communicate with other sprinters. We will be using #drupal-contribute during the sprint
  • dreditor - a browser plugin that will enable you to easily test a patch and to view code diffs
  • register on (a Drupal website that quickly spins up a complete Drupal site) to have the temporary Drupal site available for 3 hours instead of the default 30 minutes

If you plan to work on code, whether you are a developer or a themer, additional tools that will be useful include:

  • a local development environment
  • If you are contributing to Drupal 8:
    • a local version of the latest Drupal 8 core codebase - git clone --branch 8.0.x
    • a local version of a contributed module if you intend to work on a contributed module
  • if you are contributing to Drupal 7
  • GIT for version control
  • Drush - a shell interface for managing Drupal right from the command line
  • an IDE (integrated development environment)
    • PHPStorm (30 day trial) - uses Drupal Coding Standards
    • other popular options - Sublime Text, NetBeans, Eclipse, Notepad ++, vim
  • Drupal QA Notifier - a browser extension that allows you to subscribe to the automated tests on to receive a desktop notification when the tests are complete

There will be mentors available to help you get things set up at the sprint on the 17th if you have questions or don't get everything set up prior to the sprint. There will also be a session on the day of the sprint for new contributors.

OwnSourcing, Acquia and Genuine look forward to seeing you at the sprint on January 17th. Please RSVP using the registration form.